Art Program

Art Program
The Holy Redeemer Art Program follows the Archdiocese of Washington Schools’ Academic Standards for Art.  
The program incorporates two goals: 

  • To open the student’s eyes and mind to God’s presence in His creation by participating in the creative process 
  • To develop the creative mind by offering students a variety of experiences in the visual arts.

Art Classes

K-3rd students meet for 40 minutes on a weekly basis.
4-6th students meet for a block period of 80 minutes every other week, respectively.
7-8th students meet for a block period of 80 minutes every other week, respectively.
Grade-specific assignments introduce and develop skills in painting, sculpture, architecture, printmaking and new media
Content in other learning areas is integrated periodically into art projects


The Arts Festival
JOY in my heART, the Holy Redeemer arts festival, brings local artisans and volunteers to the school for two days of faith-filled arts workshops, celebration and community outreach. A different academic theme is chosen each year to give focus to the various arts workshops. Students explore their own creative gifts and the world around them through art of every kind, while learning that in sharing their gifts they praise God, develop a strong sense of self, and build up our community.
The acronym J.O.Y. is taken from the prayer “Serve
Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last”, and encapsulates the three principles around which the festival is organized:

  • we give praise to God through our creativity,
  • we open our eyes to His beauty through the creativity of others,
  • we participate in His creation through our own creative activity and share the gift of self through a concerted, school-wide fundraising effort for a designated charity. 

Gallery Night caps the Arts Festival. Food truck vendors and a student-run bake sale entice school families and parishioners with tasty treats while they view the students’ art showcased in the auditorium.